Weakly Villain Podcast

Weakly Villain Podcast

Thursday, November 14, 2013

ATOMACON - Ryoko San - Noodle Kittens

Had a good time interviewing Ryoko (Twice actually, Damn those podcasting gremlins).

About Ryoko: The Noodle Kittens sauntered out of the imagination of the artist Ryoko San and appeared on the Stripgenerator website in August of 2010. The original Noodle Kittens were a pair of black cats named Soba-chan and Udon-kun. A few days later the good twins, a pair of white cats named Lo-mein and Chow-mein, made their first appearance. Since that time the Noodle family has grown to include two Noodle Poodles, Trxie and Babette, and a resurrected rat named Cous Cous. The Noodle Kitten clowder has appeared in an array of comic strips displaying a brand of humor that is sarcastic and sophisticated.



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